Money Consciousness

Experience a profound shift in your financial well-being with our money consciousness services. Dr. Avisha Mathur will guide you toward a new understanding of abundance, empowering you to unlock your full potential and manifest the financial freedom you deserve.

Transform your relationship with money and experience greater abundance and freedom with this Money Consciousness program. Through this powerful program, you'll learn how to identify and release limiting beliefs around money, tap into your innate abundance, and attract greater prosperity. Say goodbye to scarcity and welcome abundance with this Money Consciousness program.

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Trust Dr. Avisha Mathur to guide you toward a life of vitality and purpose.


Our Body Whispering Services can help you release tension, resolve physical discomfort, and gain insight into the underlying emotional causes of your health challenges.

While both involve physical touch, Body Whispering is more focused on energetic and emotional healing, often involving intuitive guidance and communication with the body.

Session duration can vary, but it typically ranges from 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the complexity of the issues being addressed.

During a session, you can expect a combination of energy work, gentle touch, and intuitive guidance aimed at promoting healing and relaxation.

Client Testimonials

Inspiring testimonials from our satisfied clients

A true testament to URJA's energy healing is our clients' inspiring words showcasing life-changing breakthroughs and renewed sense of purpose:

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Hi, Avisha : You are an incredibly gifted tarot card reader and the reading with you recently was truly an enlightening experience. Your readings are both insightful and accurate, providing valuable guidance and direction for those seeking answers. Your intuition and ability to connect with the cards is truly remarkable. You have a deep understanding of the tarot and how to interpret the meanings of the cards. The reading was delivered with compassion and understanding, and I left feeling reassured and positive. Your ability to help people gain clarity and direction in their lives is admirable. Your readings are not only precise but also very helpful in providing deeper understanding. You possess a unique talent in deciphering and interpreting the messages of the cards. I appreciate the time and energy you put into every reading. Most importantly you said exactly same as what my horoscope guru has told before. I thank you for sharing your gifts with me.

- Prejin from Canada

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