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Feel the transformative power of Energy Circles - a dynamic and synergistic gathering of individuals who are driven to manifest positive change in their lives. Our circles are a safe haven for those seeking to connect with like-minded souls and harness the collective energy to unlock their full potential.

An energy circle is a term used in various spiritual and energy-based practices, such as Reiki, to create a space for the flow of positive energy. It usually involves drawing a circle or a symbol and placing objects or written intentions within the circle.

The purpose of an energy circle is to create a sacred space for healing, protection, manifestation, or other purposes, depending on the intention of the individual creating the circle. The objects or intentions placed within the circle are believed to be infused with positive energy, which is then amplified by the circle's energy field.

Energy circles can be created using various methods, such as drawing on paper, carving on wood or stone, or creating a physical circle using objects such as candles, crystals, or herbs. They can also be created in the imagination or visualized in the mind's eye.

In general, energy circles are used to focus and amplify positive energy, promote healing, and bring about a sense of calm and balance. They can be used by anyone, regardless of their spiritual or religious beliefs, as a tool for self-care and personal growth.

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Trust Dr. Avisha Mathur to guide you toward a life of vitality and purpose.


"Energy Circles harness collective intention and vibrations of participants to amplify healing or manifestation efforts."

"No prior experience is needed; newcomers and seasoned practitioners alike are welcome."

"Come with an open heart and mind. It helps to meditate or relax a few minutes before joining."

"During an Energy Circle session, you'll experience guided meditations, energy exchanges, and group intention setting."

"No, everyone is welcome in an Energy Circle, whether you're a beginner or have prior experience."

Client Testimonials

Inspiring testimonials from our satisfied clients

A true testament to URJA's energy healing is our clients' inspiring words showcasing life-changing breakthroughs and renewed sense of purpose:

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Hi, Avisha : You are an incredibly gifted tarot card reader and the reading with you recently was truly an enlightening experience. Your readings are both insightful and accurate, providing valuable guidance and direction for those seeking answers. Your intuition and ability to connect with the cards is truly remarkable. You have a deep understanding of the tarot and how to interpret the meanings of the cards. The reading was delivered with compassion and understanding, and I left feeling reassured and positive. Your ability to help people gain clarity and direction in their lives is admirable. Your readings are not only precise but also very helpful in providing deeper understanding. You possess a unique talent in deciphering and interpreting the messages of the cards. I appreciate the time and energy you put into every reading. Most importantly you said exactly same as what my horoscope guru has told before. I thank you for sharing your gifts with me.

- Prejin from Canada

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