In this guide, we’ll explore the seven chakras, those fascinating energies within our bodies. We’ll also analyze what chakras are, how to recognize signs of blockages or imbalances in them, and importantly, we’ll share 7 popular methods to nurture and heal your chakras. 

What is a Chakra?

What is chakra

Derived from the Sanskrit word for ‘wheel’ or ‘circle’, chakras are often depicted as spinning disks of energy that correspond to different nerve bundles and major organs in our body. They play a crucial role in maintaining physical, mental, and spiritual health. By understanding and nurturing our chakras, we engage in chakra healing, which will help in unlocking the deep energies, leading us to a state of balance and harmony within ourselves. The seven key chakras are- 

1. Muladhara

It is also known as Root Chakra which is located at the base of the spine. Muladhara is responsible for survival, stability, and security.

2. Svadhisthana

The Svadhisthana also known as Sacral Chakra, found just below your belly button. Think of it as the place where your creativity, emotions, and sexual energy bloom. It’s like the creative energy of your body, where feelings and ideas come to life.

3. Manipura

It is recognized as Solar Plexus Chakra, which is all about confidence and self-esteem. It is right around your belly button, and it’s the core of your personal power, where you get that “gut feeling” that guides you through challenges.

4. Anahata

It is known as Heart Chakra and slightly located above the heart. This chakra is responsible for compassion and love. 

5. Visuddha

The Vishuddha is recognized as Throat Chakra which is found in the neck area, and it is responsible for self-expression and communication.

6. Ajna

It is known as Third Eye Chakra located between the eyebrows. Ajna chakra is responsible for intuition and self-awareness. 

7. Sahasrara

The Sahasrara Chakra is known as Crown Chakra, located above the crown of head. This chakra is responsible for divine connection and spirituality. 

What Causes Chakras to be Blocked?

Our chakras are affected by internal habits, beliefs, and external circumstances. Spiritual, physical, and emotional issues can play a role in blocking chakras. 

1. Spiritual Blockages

For instance, feeling disconnected from ourselves and the world, or feeling like we’re stuck and lost. It’s as if we’re adrift, searching for a sense of belonging and direction  for a deeper connection and purpose in life.

2. Physical Blockages

This includes lack of sleep, exercise, poor diet, and damaging lifestyle choices such as drug use, high consumption of alcohol and over working. 

3. Emotional Blockages

The emotional blockage to chakras could be anything causing any kind of emotional pain like depression, addiction, stress, grief, and anxiety. 

7 Ways to Heal Your Chakras

There are various methods for healing your chakras. Each chakra in our body has its unique vibe and area, so some healing methods might click better with specific chakras. It’s all about exploring a variety of techniques to see what resonates with you. Feel free to mix and match, too. For instance, combining candle therapy with your meditation could add a soothing, illuminating touch to your practice. So, dive in, experiment, and find the combination that feels just right for your energy centers.

Some of the powerful way to heal your chakras are as follows- 

1. Meditation 


It is one of the best healing chakra techniques which can help in bringing all of your chakras back into balance. When you start meditating, it will allow you to let go of anxiety and stress which might be taking up space in your body. 

It is recognized that doing chakra healing meditation on a regular basis, even if you are not facing any issue, will help you bring your chakras back into balance. Thus, it will help you to feel more present in life as well as reduce your stress level as a result. 

2. Healing with Physical Touch 

Healing with Physical Touch 

Physical touch has a special power to heal and comfort us, especially when it comes to the Heart Chakra, which is all about love and feeling connected to others. This doesn’t just mean big gestures; even simple acts like giving a hug or holding hands with someone we care about can make a big difference. So, in its essence, it’s about finding comfort in the warmth of connection, whether it’s with people or pets, to nurture our inner well-being and keep our emotional centers, like the Heart Chakra, balanced and happy.

3. Healing with Reiki 

Healing with Reiki 

Reiki healing is a Japanese technique which allows a reiki healer to channel healing energy into your body. For chakra healing with reiki, healers will place their hands on chakra which is recognized as the third chakra, located near the lower belly. 

Once the reiki healer has placed their hands on this spot, you will feel warmth as well as energy radiating from their hands. 

4. Healing with Mudras

Healing with Mudras

Mudras are special hand signs that you might have seen people use in yoga or meditation. These mudras originated from Hindu and Buddhist traditions and are all about guiding more powerful, uplifting energies into our bodies.

One of the most popular mudras is called the chin mudra or Gyan mudra. It’s pretty simple to do – just touch your index finger to your thumb to make a little circle. It’s like saying “okay” but with a deeper meaning.  

Using mudras can really amp up the healing vibes, especially when you’re working on balancing your chakras. But that’s not all; they also help clear your mind and bring a sense of calm to your body while you’re diving into your spiritual practices with the help of this healing therapy.

4. Color Therapy

Color Therapy

Using light wavelengths, color therapy helps in healing the chakras for transmitting energy, where every color is associated with different wavelengths. For example, red color having the longest wavelength can be used for rebalancing the root chakra. Additionally, you can also try wearing colorful jewelry or crystal chakras around your home. 

Chakra candles are special candles that match the colors of the chakras in our bodies. When you light one, it’s like bringing the power of color therapy into your room. Just as every colo]r in a rainbow is light at different lengths, each color carries its own unique vibe. Thus, lighting a chakra candle is a simple and effective healing therapy, allowing you to absorb the beneficial energies associated with its colors.

5. Nature Walk Healing

Nature Walk Healing

To restore harmony to your third chakra, immersing yourself in nature can be a powerful chakra healing strategy. Recognize the splendor around you, absorbing its essence fully. Pay attention to the melodies of the birds and the fragrance of the fresh air, anchoring you in the now and easing any stress or worries.

For rebalancing your second chakra, seek self-care activities during your stroll. Gentle hand massages or embracing a tree can significantly contribute to your sense of well-being and comfort, aiding in the chakra healing process and aligning your second chakra.

6. Essential oils for healing your chakras

Oils for reiki healing

These oils have been found to contain various beneficial properties that can help with physical and mental ailments. For instance, lavender oil has been recognized as the best oil for better sleep. 

You can use these oils in a few ways. Try rubbing just a tiny bit right on the spot of the chakra you’re focusing on, dab some on your wrists or neck like a natural perfume, or even enjoy a full body massage with a few drops added in for an all-over healing effect.

And for setting a soothing vibe at home, you can warm up essential oils in a burner or light a candle infused with these oils. It’s the best way to fill your space with calming, healing energies.


If you’re feeling really anxious, stressed out, or just down in the dumps, it might be a clue that your chakras aren’t in harmony. But don’t worry, there’s a lot you can do to get them back on track and help you feel more at peace with the help of 7 chakras meditation, which will help in healing your chakras. 

One of the best things you can do is get into a routine of chakra healing. Setting aside time for meditation every day and fitting in a reiki session once a week can make a big difference in balancing your chakras. And guess what? Urja Healing is a fine spot to explore energy healing. If you’re not sure where to start, give us a shout. We offer online sessions to help you find the perfect person to guide you on your healing journey.



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  • 1

Hi, Avisha : You are an incredibly gifted tarot card reader and the reading with you recently was truly an enlightening experience. Your readings are both insightful and accurate, providing valuable guidance and direction for those seeking answers. Your intuition and ability to connect with the cards is truly remarkable. You have a deep understanding of the tarot and how to interpret the meanings of the cards. The reading was delivered with compassion and understanding, and I left feeling reassured and positive. Your ability to help people gain clarity and direction in their lives is admirable. Your readings are not only precise but also very helpful in providing deeper understanding. You possess a unique talent in deciphering and interpreting the messages of the cards. I appreciate the time and energy you put into every reading. Most importantly you said exactly same as what my horoscope guru has told before. I thank you for sharing your gifts with me.

- Prejin from Canada

  • 2

"One of the best experiences of my life! I have worked with many healers, but the experience with Avisha was unique. Above all, we covered and healed as many areas in 11 days as we would “normally” in 4 months. With her range of knowledge, she is a real gift to anyone who will work with her."

- Nejc from Slovenia

  • 3

Hello Urja Healing!
You did wonders for me, your therapy sessions are amazingly Good.I was at the stage of my life, where I was completely confused, how can I improve my situation, and then I came across URJA HEALING. You showed me the path, where nothing is impossible and now I am following it, and everything seems to be wonderful.
Kudos to you!!

- Simran

  • 4

Often heard that " life is a roller coaster", experienced this recently.

Life is unpredictable, what is happening next is next to impossible to explain, a time came in my life where there was darkness everywhere, my sister was inch by inch by my side. Lots of talks, discussions, and solutions were done but all in vain. Then my sister introduced me to Avisha Mathur.

Words fail to describe her. If you are stuck in life and have lost your direction of life Avisha is the google.

Right from the first meeting my problems became smaller and smaller and I became clearer and clearer. She is a perfect blend of not less and not too much. Her tough and appropriate counselling gave me an awakening and nudge to move away from the inflicted dilemmas, she helped me to come out of my mental loop of problem and solution. She made me realize that the remote control of my life is in my hands.Avisha guided me like a small child lost in woods .My life is still under construction but now I know which step to take next.

A big difference, a huge change and I regained my lost smile which was very dear to me. Thank you Avisha. Buzz her if vou are stuck in life. # rise above the problems with AVISHA.

- Meenakshi

  • 5

I connected with Dr Avisha at the lowest point in my life (both personally and professionally). I had lost my confidence and doubted myself even for simple tasks.

Routine jobs would overwhelm me.

I couldn't talk to my dear ones and gradually felt disconnected from everyone. A painful miscarriage made me realize that i needed help.

Trealised how paralysed i was with all the negative thoughts and energy inside me. That's when i took 11 day session with Dr. Avisha, who was referred by a common friend. In the first session itself i could feel a connect with her and conversing with her (online) came very easy to me. What amazed me the most was how Dr. Avisha could perceive my feelings even when we were not talking. So after 3-4 sessions, one day i was troubled by something and i had a restless night going through the issue. In the next session Dr. Avisha told me how she could feel me having a debate last night (which i was doing mentally with my self).

Other sessions revealed how i was affected by my childhood events and how i can let go of my thoughts and inhibition to be myself again. Her non-judgmental and kind conversations helped me to be true to myself. After the 11 day session, i really did feel as if the mist of negative energy was lifting away from me. Gradually i took hold of my life and started bringing in positive changes in my routine which boosted my mental and physical health. Her sessions helped me find myself again and de-clutter my negative thoughts.

Since her sessions, i feel more confident in taking charge of my life. earlier i used to find various reasons for how i will fail a task and now even when i find myself in a challenging situation, i find a solution. Her continued support for the last one year has kept me being mentally stronger and more active.
Much gratitude

- Gauri

  • 6

v\Living away from parents, siblings itself takes a toll on your health mind and soul, that too during the covid times, when you had no idea whether you will meet your dear ones again...

During these dreadful times, I came across Dr Avisha's energy healing sessions.

It was the bestest thing that happened to me during those tiring times.

It brought a ray of sunshine in my gloomy mind.

It made me relaxed not only physically but also mentally.

The energy healing sessions with her were the best part of the day and slowly the therapy lead me into positivity. It gave me hopes and made me a happy healthy soul.

I would totally recommend these beautiful healing session to everyone who is having a hard time in their lives.

- Priya

  • 7

Hi Avisha,
liust want to let vou know that the skin in the face is calmer, the inflation has reduced since yesterday. Above all I felt joy. My mood changed for the better. After the session I slept for two hours. In the evening I invited my best friend to go for a drink and we enjoyed so much. It was long time I didn't feel that joy.

Thanks for the beautiful session and all the kindness, empathy and love you put on the session. I feel not judged and that I trust you try your very best.
Looking forward to the session today again.
Lots of gratitute to you

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