The energy centers or “7 chakras” of our body play a critical role in our overall well-being. One of the essential centers is the sacral chakra, also known as Svadhishthana.

Let’s delve into understanding this chakra, identifying blockages, and uncovering holistic approaches to healing and maintaining its balance.

Understanding the Sacral Chakra

Understanding the Sacral Chakra

A. The Basics of Svadhishthana 

The sacral chakra, often referred to as Svadhishthana in Sanskrit, is the second of the 7 chakras of the body. It’s associated with our emotional body, sensuality, and creativity.

When in balance, the sacral chakra supports our capacity to enjoy life, be passionate, and have a healthy sexual and emotional life.

B. Location and Symbolism 

The sacral chakra is located just below the navel and above the pubic bone. Its symbol consists of a circle with six petals and a moon crescent, representing the water element.

The chakra’s color is typically vibrant orange, symbolizing warmth, creativity, and emotion.

Signs of a Blocked Sacral Chakra

Signs of a Blocked Sacral Chakra

1. Physical Symptoms to Watch Out For 

A blocked sacral chakra can manifest as lower back pain, urinary issues, or reproductive problems. Some might even experience sacral chakra opening symptoms like heightened sensitivity or tingling in the area.

2. Emotional and Psychological Indicators 

Emotionally, an imbalance can lead to feelings of guilt, jealousy, possessiveness, or an inability to express one’s feelings. There might be a lack of motivation or enthusiasm in everyday life.

3. Spiritual and Energetic Manifestations 

One might feel disconnected from others or find it challenging to derive pleasure from life. Creative blocks or a diminished sense of self-worth can also be indicators.

Common Causes of Sacral Chakra Blockages

Common Causes of Sacral Chakra Blockages

  • Traumatic Experiences and Their Impact 

Trauma, especially those related to relationships or sexual experiences, can lead to sacral chakra blockage. Past experiences that weren’t processed or healed can stagnate in this chakra.

  • Environmental Factors 

Being in suppressive or over-demanding environments can hinder the free flow of this chakra. Lack of emotional support or validation can also contribute.

  • Personal Beliefs and Conditioning 

Deep-rooted beliefs from childhood, and societal conditioning about sexuality and emotional expression, can lead to a blocked sacral chakra.

Diagnostic Techniques for the Sacral Chakra

Diagnostic Techniques for the Sacral Chakra

i. Pendulum Diagnosis 

Using a pendulum can be an effective way to diagnose a sacral chakra blockage. By holding a pendulum over the sacral chakra area, you can observe its movement.

A limited or erratic swing might indicate an imbalance, while a free and wide swing suggests a balanced chakra.

ii. Energy Readings and Intuitive Assessments 

Some trained individuals can sense energy disruptions by merely placing their hands near the affected area, offering insights into blockages and imbalances.

iii. Guided Meditations and Self-Reflection 

Through deep meditation on the sacral chakra, one can often intuitively identify disruptions. Certain guided Sacral Chakra Meditation practices are designed to help practitioners tune into this energy center and identify issues.

Natural Healing Modalities

Natural Healing Modalities

  • Sacral Chakra Meditation Practices 

What happens when we do meditation on the sacral chakra? Engaging in regular meditation focused on this energy center can clear blockages and restore energy flow.

Visualization of the orange hue, the chakra’s symbol, or even water elements can facilitate healing.

  • Healing Crystals and Their Properties 

Crystals for the Sacral Chakra like carnelian, orange calcite, and moonstone can be beneficial. Placing them on or near the chakra while meditating can amplify healing energies.

  • Aromatherapy and Essential Oils for Balance 

Scents like ylang-ylang, sandalwood, and clary sage can stimulate and balance the sacral chakra, promoting emotional and sensual healing.

Dietary Recommendations for the Sacral Chakra

Dietary Recommendations for the Sacral Chakra

1. Nutrient-Rich Foods to Incorporate 

Foods rich in healthy fats like nuts, seeds, and oils can be beneficial. Orange foods, owing to their hue like carrots, oranges, and mangoes, resonate with the sacral chakra’s energy.

2. Foods to Avoid for Optimal Health 

It’s advisable to reduce intake of processed foods, excessive caffeine, or alcoholic beverages as they can disrupt the chakra’s balance.

3. The Importance of Water and Hydration 

Given the water element’s association with the sacral chakra, staying hydrated aids its health. Drinking ample water and consuming water-rich foods like melons can be beneficial.

Movement and the Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra thrives on fluidity and movement, resonating with the liquid nature of its associated element: water. Ensuring it remains balanced requires movement to let the energy flow freely.

Movement and the Sacral Chakra

  • Yoga Poses for Activation and Balance 

i. Pigeon Pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana)

This deep hip stretch opens the pelvis and can stimulate the sacral chakra. It promotes flexibility and allows emotional release, often stored in the hips.

ii. Triangle Pose (Trikonasana)

This pose engages the pelvic area, activating the sacral chakra. As you stretch out, imagine orange energy (representative of the sacral chakra’s color) radiating from your pelvis.

iii. Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

Besides strengthening the spine, this pose stimulates the sacral region, encouraging energy flow and balance in your sacral chakra.

  • Dance and Its Healing Powers 

Dance, by nature, is a liberating form of expression. The rhythm and movement involved in dancing can reawaken the dormant energy in the sacral chakra.

Whether it’s formal dance styles like salsa or freestyle dancing to your favorite tune, the movement encourages the release of trapped energy and emotions.

Embracing dance can be a profound way of tapping into one’s sensuality, creativity, and emotional well-being.

  • Grounding Exercises for Stability 

Grounding exercises help in reconnecting with the earth’s energy, bringing about a sense of stability and balance.

Grounding Exercises for Stability 1. Walking Barefoot

Also known as ‘earthing’, this simple practice can help dissipate negative energy and draw in the earth’s stabilizing force, aiding the sacral chakra.

2. Visualization

Close your eyes and visualize roots extending from the base of your spine (root chakra) and sacral area, going deep into the earth.

Imagine these roots drawing up nourishing, stable energy and feeding it into your sacral chakra.

3. Tactile Grounding:

Engaging with the environment around you by feeling the grass, touching the bark of trees, or holding grounding crystals can recalibrate and stabilize the energy of the sacral chakra.

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Affirmations and Mantras for Healing

  • The Power of Positive Thinking 

Positive affirmations and thoughts have an influential impact on our energy centers. This concept is grounded in the idea that our thoughts can influence our physical and energetic health.

By consciously directing positive energy toward our sacral chakra, we can encourage healing and balance.

  • Tailored Affirmations for the Sacral Chakra 

Repeating affirmations like “I honor my desires,” “I embrace pleasure and abundance,” or “My emotions are free-flowing and balanced,” can reprogram the subconscious mind and clear negative energies.

Affirmations directly address and counteract any feelings of inadequacy, guilt, or other negative emotions that may block the sacral chakra.

  • Mantras to Chant and Their Benefits 

Mantras to Chant and Their Benefits 

“VAM”: The Seed Mantra The sacral chakra, or Svadhishthana, has a seed mantra associated with it, which is “VAM”.

This is a Sanskrit term that, when chanted aloud, creates a specific sound frequency tailored to resonating with and activating this chakra. Here are the benefits:

i. Stimulates the Energy Center

The vibration from chanting “VAM” activates the sacral chakra, encouraging it to open and function optimally.

ii. Enhances Creativity and Passion

As the seat of creativity, regularly chanting this mantra can unleash latent creative abilities and rekindle passion in various spheres of life.

iii. Emotional Release

Chanting can facilitate an emotional release, helping to clear suppressed emotions or traumas residing in the sacral chakra.

  • Other Associated Mantras

Other Associated Mantras

A. Om Svadhishthanaya Namaha

This mantra calls upon the divine energy to activate and bless the sacral chakra. It translates to “Salutations to the dwelling place of the Self.” By chanting this, one seeks blessings and balance for their emotional and creative center.

B. Om Shrim Mahalakshmyai Namaha

The sacral chakra is also associated with abundance in many forms, be it creativity, offspring, or even material wealth. This mantra calls upon the goddess of abundance, Lakshmi, to bless the chanter with her gifts.

  • Benefits of Regular Mantra Chanting

1. Mental Clarity

Regularly chanting mantras can clear mental fog and enhance focus, as the vibrations can have a grounding effect on the mind. 

2. Emotional Healing

The rhythmic chanting can be therapeutic, inducing a meditative state that helps heal emotional scars.

3. Spiritual Connection

Mantras often connect the chanter to higher realms, aiding in spiritual growth and a deeper connection to the universe.

Regularly incorporating these mantras into meditation or daily practice can transform one’s relationship with their sacral chakra.

By understanding the profound nature of each mantra and its benefits, practitioners can approach their chanting with deeper reverence and intent, thereby amplifying the healing outcomes.

Holistic and Alternative Therapies

Holistic and Alternative Therapies

A. Sound Healing and Binaural Beats 

Different sound frequencies can resonate with our body’s chakras. For the sacral chakra, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, or even binaural beats that match its frequency can promote healing.

Binaural beats, especially, when listened to with headphones, can synchronize brain activity to the chakra’s frequency, aiding in its alignment.

B. Reiki and Energy Healing 

Reiki, a form of energy therapy, involves transferring universal energy through the palms of the healer. When focused on the sacral chakra, Reiki healing can clear blockages, heal trauma, and restore balance.

C. Chakra Balancing Massage Techniques 

Chakra balancing massages incorporate elements of deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage, and energy healing. Specific techniques target the sacral area to stimulate and balance the chakra, coupled with aromatherapy for enhanced effects.

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Maintaining Sacral Chakra Health

Maintaining Sacral Chakra Health

1. Daily Practices for Ongoing Balance 

Consistency is key for chakra health. Incorporate daily practices like short meditations, affirmations, or even wearing crystals for the sacral chakra. Keep a journal to document your feelings, which can highlight any early signs of blockages.

2. Recognizing and Addressing Triggers 

Awareness is the first step to healing. Understand what events, situations, or emotions trigger an imbalance in your sacral chakra. This might require introspection, counseling, or spiritual guidance.

3. Celebrating and Embracing Your Sensuality 

The sacral chakra is the center of sensuality and creativity. Engage in activities that let you express yourself, be it painting, dancing, cooking, or any form of artistic expression. Embrace and celebrate your sensuality in healthy, consensual ways.


The sacral chakra is a profound reservoir of creativity, sensuality, and emotional balance. 

By understanding its importance, recognizing the signs of blockages, and taking proactive measures for its health, we can harness its full potential and lead a harmonious life. 

Remember, the journey to chakra balancing is personal, and while these guidelines can assist, always trust your intuition and individual experience with urja healing.


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Hi, Avisha : You are an incredibly gifted tarot card reader and the reading with you recently was truly an enlightening experience. Your readings are both insightful and accurate, providing valuable guidance and direction for those seeking answers. Your intuition and ability to connect with the cards is truly remarkable. You have a deep understanding of the tarot and how to interpret the meanings of the cards. The reading was delivered with compassion and understanding, and I left feeling reassured and positive. Your ability to help people gain clarity and direction in their lives is admirable. Your readings are not only precise but also very helpful in providing deeper understanding. You possess a unique talent in deciphering and interpreting the messages of the cards. I appreciate the time and energy you put into every reading. Most importantly you said exactly same as what my horoscope guru has told before. I thank you for sharing your gifts with me.

- Prejin from Canada

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"One of the best experiences of my life! I have worked with many healers, but the experience with Avisha was unique. Above all, we covered and healed as many areas in 11 days as we would “normally” in 4 months. With her range of knowledge, she is a real gift to anyone who will work with her."

- Nejc from Slovenia

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Hello Urja Healing!
You did wonders for me, your therapy sessions are amazingly Good.I was at the stage of my life, where I was completely confused, how can I improve my situation, and then I came across URJA HEALING. You showed me the path, where nothing is impossible and now I am following it, and everything seems to be wonderful.
Kudos to you!!

- Simran

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Often heard that " life is a roller coaster", experienced this recently.

Life is unpredictable, what is happening next is next to impossible to explain, a time came in my life where there was darkness everywhere, my sister was inch by inch by my side. Lots of talks, discussions, and solutions were done but all in vain. Then my sister introduced me to Avisha Mathur.

Words fail to describe her. If you are stuck in life and have lost your direction of life Avisha is the google.

Right from the first meeting my problems became smaller and smaller and I became clearer and clearer. She is a perfect blend of not less and not too much. Her tough and appropriate counselling gave me an awakening and nudge to move away from the inflicted dilemmas, she helped me to come out of my mental loop of problem and solution. She made me realize that the remote control of my life is in my hands.Avisha guided me like a small child lost in woods .My life is still under construction but now I know which step to take next.

A big difference, a huge change and I regained my lost smile which was very dear to me. Thank you Avisha. Buzz her if vou are stuck in life. # rise above the problems with AVISHA.

- Meenakshi

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I connected with Dr Avisha at the lowest point in my life (both personally and professionally). I had lost my confidence and doubted myself even for simple tasks.

Routine jobs would overwhelm me.

I couldn't talk to my dear ones and gradually felt disconnected from everyone. A painful miscarriage made me realize that i needed help.

Trealised how paralysed i was with all the negative thoughts and energy inside me. That's when i took 11 day session with Dr. Avisha, who was referred by a common friend. In the first session itself i could feel a connect with her and conversing with her (online) came very easy to me. What amazed me the most was how Dr. Avisha could perceive my feelings even when we were not talking. So after 3-4 sessions, one day i was troubled by something and i had a restless night going through the issue. In the next session Dr. Avisha told me how she could feel me having a debate last night (which i was doing mentally with my self).

Other sessions revealed how i was affected by my childhood events and how i can let go of my thoughts and inhibition to be myself again. Her non-judgmental and kind conversations helped me to be true to myself. After the 11 day session, i really did feel as if the mist of negative energy was lifting away from me. Gradually i took hold of my life and started bringing in positive changes in my routine which boosted my mental and physical health. Her sessions helped me find myself again and de-clutter my negative thoughts.

Since her sessions, i feel more confident in taking charge of my life. earlier i used to find various reasons for how i will fail a task and now even when i find myself in a challenging situation, i find a solution. Her continued support for the last one year has kept me being mentally stronger and more active.
Much gratitude

- Gauri

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v\Living away from parents, siblings itself takes a toll on your health mind and soul, that too during the covid times, when you had no idea whether you will meet your dear ones again...

During these dreadful times, I came across Dr Avisha's energy healing sessions.

It was the bestest thing that happened to me during those tiring times.

It brought a ray of sunshine in my gloomy mind.

It made me relaxed not only physically but also mentally.

The energy healing sessions with her were the best part of the day and slowly the therapy lead me into positivity. It gave me hopes and made me a happy healthy soul.

I would totally recommend these beautiful healing session to everyone who is having a hard time in their lives.

- Priya

  • 7

Hi Avisha,
liust want to let vou know that the skin in the face is calmer, the inflation has reduced since yesterday. Above all I felt joy. My mood changed for the better. After the session I slept for two hours. In the evening I invited my best friend to go for a drink and we enjoyed so much. It was long time I didn't feel that joy.

Thanks for the beautiful session and all the kindness, empathy and love you put on the session. I feel not judged and that I trust you try your very best.
Looking forward to the session today again.
Lots of gratitute to you

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